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Duro Dyne 26001 PN34 Insulation Fasteners Qty 1000 Spotter Pins for 1/2" liner duct insulation

Duro Dyne
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Duro Dyne 26001 PN34 Insulation Fasteners Spotter Pins.

Qty 1000.

Pins are for 1/2" liner duct insulation.

Use pins with Duro Dyne PC-1 Spotter Clips to hold insulation.

Designed to be used with Duro Dyne 27003 Model LF 1000 110 volts Hand Held Pinspotter and Duro Dyne 27004 Model LF 2000 220 volt Hand Held Pinspotter.

Pins are used to fasten 1/2" duct insulation lines to sheet metal ductwork.