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Malco BT153 Bit Tip Drill and Tap Screws Qty 5000 Metal Screw Fasteners Screw Size: 10-24x3/4"

Malco Products
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Malco BT153 Bit Tip Drill and Tap Screws

Qty: 5,000

Screw Size: 10-24x3/4.

Head Type (HW) Hex Washer Not Slotted.

Driver Size: 5/16" Hex

Length of screw: 3/4".

Bit-Tip screw #3 Point.

Material thickness recommendation for Bit-Tips: .110" to .175".

Pull-out values: 13ga-1528 lbs, 1/8"-2120 lbs, 10ga 2199 lbs

Tensile Strength: 2350 lbs.

Torsional Strength: 65 lbs.

Drills its own hole.

Made from strong, high quality, specially heat treated steel.

Excellent replacement for fastening operations now using rivets, nuts and bolts, spot welds or adhesives.

Bit-Tip elminates the need for costly auxiliary fastening equipment such as dril bits, taps and welding equipment.