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REFCO OZ4000 4663247 Refrigerant Recovery Unit

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REFCO OZ-4000 Part No. 4663247 Refrigerant Recovery Unit

designed Push-pull method (17 lbs/minute) to 1/2 lbs/minute in vapor recovery with no hose changes and without shutting off the unit


1 horsepower oil-less wizard compressor inside

Fully automatic

Patented automatic subcool feature

Lightweight 29 lbs

Signal lights to indicate liquid to vapor recovery modes and high pressure shut-off

Safety shut-off to prevent tank overfill

Over-sized condenser

Re-settable cicuit breaker

Self-evacuation feature

Shipped with safety cable and 3-72" hoses

Self-discriminates between liquid and vapor, routing the liquid around the compressor for longer life and mximum capacity

Refco has a 2 year limited warranty