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Refco 4683477 GPK035 Gas Pressure Test Kit 0 to 35 inches WC Dial Manometer

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Refco 4683477 GPK0-35 Gas Pressure Test Kit 0 to 35 inches WC.


• Measure Natural gas (methane) or LP gas pressure across appliance manifolds.

• Test gas stoves, furnaces, dryers and other gas appliances. Can also be used for other non-corrosive gases.

• Large 2" sensitive diaphragm gauge is calibrated in inches of water column, also shows ounces per square inch

• Magnified lens

• Easier to use than a manometer


• 2" Sensitive Diaphragm Gauge

• 3ft of Rubber Tubing

• Brass fitting for quick connection to the appliance manifold 3/8" NPT

• Rugged hard shell case


• Range:

o 0 to 35 inches of water column (in H2O)

o 0 to 20 ounces per square inch (oz/in2)