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Richard S Budzik Practical Guide for Improving Your Metal Fabricating Shop Layout

Richard Budzik Books
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Richard S Budzik & George Kuprianczyk Practical Guide for Improving Your Metal Fabricating Shop Layout.


This is a Hard back book.

509 Pages.

Table of contents:

(1) Shop Layout Considerations,

(2) Machinery and Equipment Considerations,

(3) Important Factors to Consider when Determining New Shop Layout,

(4) Additional Factors to Consider When Determining a New Shop Layout,

(5) Considerations for Machine and Tool Replacements

(6) Planning the Manufacturing Process

(7) Collection of Articles from FABRICATOR

(8) cad/cam Information from Merry Mechanization, Inc,

(9) Sample Shop Layouts-- Collection of Articles from SNIPS Magazine

(10) Helpful Fabrication Information for the H.V.A.C. Industry

(11) The Role of the Computer in the Sheet Metal Industry--with Actual Shop Samples

(12) Materials for Making Your Shop Layout.

Copyright 1993 by Practical Publications.