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Richard S Budzik Book Everything You Wanted To Know About Bend Allowance, including Flat Pattern Developme

Richard Budzik Books
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Richard S Budzik and George Kuprianczyk Book: Everything You Wanted To Know About Bend Allowance, including Flat Pattern Development.


Book is a soft back

First Edition-1995.

This book provides the most complete source available for trade information, reference and instruction applied to bend allowances and blank pattern calculations.

Book has 423 Pages

Book Contents:

1-Sequence of Math Operations

2-English decimals and Metric decimals

3-Decimal equivalents of common fractions


5-Geometry for precisions sheet metal work

6-General information regarding triangles and right triangles

7-Circles and parts of circles

8-Basics of angles

9-Relationships between angles and circles

10-Law of the right triangle and trigonometry

11-An Application of the Law of the Right Triangles (Pythagorean Theorem)

12-Solving for unknown dimensions on Triangles

13-Solving for an Unknown side

14-Selecting the formula to use

15-Relationships of angles on Intersecting lines

16-Dimensioning internal features

17-Using the hand held calculator for solve sheet metal problems

18-Using a scientific calculator to solve for unknown dimensions on triangles

19-Calculators Available today for determine bend allowances

20-Factors concerning blank sizes

21-Bend allowances

22-Dimensioning Bends

23-Projecting an angle

24-Inside dimensions and outside dimensions for general sheet metal fabrication

25-Bend allowances for general sheet metal Fab

26-Bend allowance for a 90? Sharp bend

27-Bend allowance for a sharp bend other than 90?

28-Bend allowance for a sharp hem

29-Bend allowance for a 90? bend with a designed radius

30-Bend allowance for any degree of bend with a radius

31-Bend allowance for a part with a large radius

32-Notches, relief notches, 90? V notches and bend relief slots

33-Bend allowances for hems

34-Offsets and setbacks

35-Bend Theory


37-NC part programming

38-Common problems - How to avoid them

39-Shear lenth calculations- 15 sample problems

40-Bend allowance trade problems

41-Press brake dies

42-Principles of Interpretation

43-Principles of Blueprint reading

44-Visualizing a sheet metal part

45-Reading the drawing

46-Surface and edge designations

47-Drawings to identify surfaces and edges

48-Abbreviations and symbols used in precision sheet metal

49-263 questions and answers regarding precision sheet metal blueprints

50-Basic principles of sheet metal pattern drafting

51-Geometric constructions applied to sheet metal work

52-Sheet metal layout methods

53-Precision sheet metal shop drawings

54-21 fittings that cover parallel, radial and triangulation pattern development

55-Sheet metal Cad/Cam

56-Articles that have been featured in "The Fabricator" Since Jan. 1980

57-Answer Section

58-Appendix- reprint from machinery's Handbook

59-Appendix- Bend allowance log

60-Reference Section

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