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Leo A Meyer Lama 14 Book Math for the Technician HVAC Service Techs

Lama Books by Leo A. Meyer
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Leo A Meyer Lama 14 Book Math for the Technician.

155 Pages, 6 x 9 softcover.


Does math bug you?

The problem is, you must use math in this technical HVAC world.

No matter what part of the HVAC industry you are in, this book will painlessly give you all the math you need to know.

I don’t tell you how an equation is derived or how pi was developed—I just show you how to use them in the real HVAC world.

Changing a decimal to a fraction like 10/13 is of no use to you.

I show you how to change any decimal into the fractions you measure with.

This is a book for math dummies—written by a former math dummy.

You will enjoy learning only the things you need to know.

If you found math difficult, we make it easy. Only the math you need on the job.

Practical applications to HVAC for measurement, fractions and decimals, squares, cubes and roots, ratio and proportion, area, volume, angles, and triangles.


Numbers and Measurement

Fractions and Decimals

Squares, Cubes, and Roots

Using Equations

Rearranging Equations

Ratios and Proportions


Volumes Using Shapes and Angles

Working with Triangles