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Leo A Meyer Lama 11 Book Refrigeration for HVAC Technicians

Lama Books by Leo A. Meyer
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Leo A Meyer Lama 11 Book Refrigeration for HVAC Technicians.

88 Pages, 6 x 9 softcover.


The basic principles of refrigeration, chillers and compressors, and refrigeration components.

Tips for spotting sources of problems.

Troubleshooting HVAC cooling problems.

For HVAC techs, building operators, and sheet metal workers.

How refrigeration units fit into HVAC systems.

Because problems in the HVAC system can be caused by refrigeration malfunctions, the trouble-shooting flow charts in this book help techs pinpoint the source of a problem and determine when they can fix the problem themselves and when to call a specialist.

The book also offers practical tips on how to maintain the cooling system at peak performance.

It covers these areas:


Cooling in the central air handling system

Basic principles of refrigeration

Basic compression refrigeration cycle

Chillers and different types of compressors

Spotting problems

Maintaining the HVAC cooling system

A bonus feature is an English to Spanish Glossary of HVAC refrigeration terms


Refrigeration in HVAC Systems

Basic Principles

A Simple Compression System

Components in a System

Chillers and Compressors

Spotting Problems

Maintaining the Cooling Systems

Review Answers

English-Spanish Glossary