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Tinknocker 16 Gauge Pittsburgh Machine

Tin Knocker Sheet Metal Equipment
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Tinknocker 16 Gauge Pittsburgh Machine


The 16 gauge Pittsburgh Lock machine has 7 forming stations with 2 forming positions.

One position forms the Pittsburgh Lock, 

You don’t pay extra for the choice of opposing rolls, either.

while the outboard position has the ability of forming a number of other profiles, You get your choice of rolls opposite the Pittsburgh rolls.

(1) Acme,

(2) Drive Cleat 

(3) 4 in 1 rolls (3/16” Right Angle Flange, 7/16” Right Angle Flange, Standing Seam and T-Connection.


Capacity: 16-20 Ga. uses approx. 1-3/8” of material

Depth of Pocket/Size: ½” width of hammer-over edge adjustable up to 3/8

Speed: 40-45 ft per minute

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